Mixing Complete, onto Mastering!

Most of the mixing work for album 2 occurred at White Arc Studios this past July/August. However, Dave and I have been working together from afar (me in CA, him in IL) to complete the final touches on the mixes. It can take time to complete this process because you want to rest your ears and revisit the songs multiple times to make sure each track is sounding just right. All of the tracks sound great now – which is what we’re goin for! It’s time to pass this collection of songs along to Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording to complete the mastering process. Another exciting item to mention – the tracklist is set for the album:

1. Get Out in the World
2. Perfect Day
3. Oh Woman
4. Age is Just a Number
5. Reincarnation of Our Love
6. Never Give Up, Never Give In
7. Open Mind
8. Southern Town
9. Love Divine
10. AOK
11. Don’t We All
12. Ballerina
13. Spread the Love

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!