At Crystal Recorders with JPS Gents

Longtime friends and fellow musicians Joe Mirabella and Justin Gantenberg (of Jack Pine Savage) joined me at Crystal Recorders this past week to lay down some bass and electric guitar tracks for a few songs on the album. Joe’s bass work on “Ballerina” has really tightened up the verses and filled out the outro section. He also brought some new energy to “Southern Town” and locked in well on the beat I programmed for “Don’t We All”. He’s an incredible bassist and I’m honored to have him perform on the album. Justin’s solo on “Don’t We All” is gripping and perfect for the song’s bridge and final verse. Working with both of these stellar musicians brings me back to the college days, when we performed as JPS (and actually recorded a few songs in the same studio!).

After speakign with the guys, I will also be including “Open Mind” on the upcoming album. This song was originally recorded at Pogo Studios in Champaign, IL in January 2009 with Joe on bass and Justin on electric guitar and auxillary percussion. This song cheers me up on any blue day. Can’t wait to share with everyone!