Echo Park Mixing and More Guests

Dave and I spent another weekend together creating recordings for the sophomore album; but during this visit to Bloomington I spent much more time behind the mixing board. We worked Saturday and Sunday at Echo Park Studios – which is host to a superb mixing console and many great ProTools plugins. We were able to add some interesting imbellishments on the beat I programmed for “Reincarnation of Our Love” and took time to develop the second half of “Love Divine” as well as other mixes. I’ve been recording some ambient tracks with a handheld recorder whenever I hear something I’d like to capture (clanging pots and silverware, an old and broken down vacuum, footsteps on gravel, etc). These were spliced into some great spots throughout the album and really help to flesh out certain transitions and create moods.

Some recording also took place at White Arc. Dave laid down a soulful, awesomely sloppy guitar solo for the end of “Never Give Up, Never Give In”. Guest musicians came in and recorded trumpet and trombone tracks for “AOK” and “Oh Woman”. The list of guest musicians keeps growing and I couldn’t be happier!